Queen Mary 2 Itinerary 2025 World Cruise – QM 2 2025

January 3-11 2025M5028New York to Southampton
January 11 February 15 2025M50335Southampton to Southampton
February 15 March 1 2025M50414Southampton to Southampton
March 1-8 2025M5057Southampton to Southampton
March 8-15 2025M506A7Southampton to New York
March 8-29 2025M506B21Southampton to New York
March 8 April 6 2025M50629Southampton to Southampton
March 15-29 2025M506C14New York to New York
March 15 April 6 2025M506D22New York to Southampton
March 29 April 6 2025M506E8New York to Southampton
April 6-13 2025M5077Southampton to Southampton
April 13-20 2025M508A7Southampton to Rome
April 13-27 2025M50814Southampton to Southampton
April 20-27 2025M508B7Rome to Southampton
April 20 May 5 2025M508C15Rome to New York
April 27 May 5 2025M5098Southampton to New York
April 27 May 12 2025M509B15Southampton to Southampton
April 28 May 5 2025M509C7Le Havre to New York
May 5-14 2025M5109New York to Hamburg
May 5-12 2025M510A7New York to Southampton
May 5-23 2025M510B18New York to New York
May 12-14 2025M510C2Southampton to Hamburg
May 12-16 2025M510D4Southampton to Southampton
May 14-23 2025M5119Hamburg to New York
May 14-16 2025M511A2Hamburg to Southampton
May 16-23 2025M511B7Southampton to New York
May 16-30 2025M511C14Southampton to Southampton
May 23-30 2025M5127New York to Southampton
May 23 June 13 2025M512A21New York to New York
May 30 June 6 2025M5137Southampton to Southampton
June 6-13 2025M5147Southampton to New York
June 6-20 2025M514A14Southampton to Southampton
June 13-20 2025M5157New York to Southampton
June 13 July 1 2025M515A18New York to New York
June 20-24 2025M5164Southampton to Southampton
June 24 July 1 2025M5177Southampton to New York
June 24 July 8 2025M517A14Southampton to New York
June 24 July 15 2025M517B21Southampton to Southampton
July 1-8 2025M5187New York to New York
July 1-15 2025M518A14New York to Southampton
July 8-15 2025M5197New York to Southampton
July 8 August 9 2025M519A31New York to New York
July 15-18 2025M5203Southampton to Southampton
July 18-25 2025M5217Southampton to Southampton
July 25 August 8 2025M52214Southampton to New York
July 25 August 15 2025M522A21Southampton to Southampton
July 25 August 17 2025M522B23Southampton to Hamburg
August 8-17 2025M5239New York to Hamburg
August 8-15 2025M523A7New York to Southampton
August 8 September 3 2025M523B26New York to New York
August 15-17 2025M523C2Southampton to Hamburg
August 15-27 2025M523D12Southampton to Southampton
August 17-25 2025M5248Hamburg to Hamburg
August 25 September 3 2025M5259Hamburg to New York
August 25-27 2025M525A2Hamburg to Southampton
August 27 September 3 2025M525B7Southampton to New York
August 27 September 10 2025M525C14Southampton to Southampton
September 3-10 2025M5267New York to Southampton
September 3 October 3 2025M526A30New York to New York
September 10-14 2025M5274Southampton to Southampton
September 14-26 2025M52812Southampton to Southampton
September 26 October 3 2025M5297Southampton to New York
September 26 October 10 2025M529A14Southampton to Quebec
September 26 October 17 2025M529B21Southampton to New York
September 26 October 24 2025M529C28Southampton to Southampton
October 3-10 2025M5307New York to Quebec
October 3-17 2025M530A14New York to New York
October 3-24 2025M530B21New York to Southampton
October 10-17 2025M5317Quebec to New York
October 10-24 2025M531A14Quebec to Southampton
October 17-24 2025M5327New York to Southampton
October 17-31 2025M532A14New York to New York
October 24-31 2025M5337Southampton to New York
October 24 November 7 2025M533A14Southampton to Southampton
October 31 November 7 2025M5347New York to Southampton
October 31 November 26 2025M534A26New York to New York
October 31 November 17 2025M534B17New York to Hamburg
November 7-19 2025M53512Southampton to Southampton
November 7-17 2025M535A10Southampton to Hamburg
November 17-19 2025M535B2Hamburg to Southampton
November 17-26 2025M535C9Hamburg to New York
November 17 December 8 2025M535D21Hamburg to New York
November 17 December 15 2025M535E28Hamburg to Southampton
November 19-26 2025M5367Southampton to New York
November 19 December 8 2025M536A19Southampton to New York
November 19 December 15 2025M536B26Southampton to Southampton
November 26 December 8 2025M53712New York to New York
November 26 December 15 2025M537A19New York to Southampton
December 8-15 2025M5387New York to Southampton
December 8-22 2025M538A14New York to New York
December 15-22 2025M5397Southampton to New York
December 15 2025 January 3 2026M539A19Southampton to New York
December 15 2025 January 11 2026M539B27Southampton to Southampton
December 22 2025 January 3 2026M60112New York to New York
December 22 2025 January 11 2026M601A20New York to Southampton

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If you’re seeking an unforgettable luxury cruise experience, look no further than Cunard Queen Elizabeth. The Queen Elizabeth is one of the most elegant and sophisticated ocean liners in the world, offering a range of amenities and features that will make your voyage unforgettable. With the best discounts currently available for all Queen Elizabeth cruises, now is the perfect time to book your voyage and experience the grandeur and luxury of this magnificent ship.

The Queen Elizabeth is the newest of Cunard’s iconic ocean liners, and its grandeur and elegance are truly breathtaking. From its luxurious staterooms to its gourmet restaurants and entertainment venues, this ship offers an unparalleled level of comfort and indulgence. With a range of discounts and promotions available, you can enjoy a luxurious cruise at an affordable price.

Here are some of the best discounts currently available for Queen Elizabeth voyages:

  • Early Booking Savings: Book your Queen Elizabeth voyage early and save up to 10% off the fare.
  • Onboard Credit: Receive onboard credit to use on your voyage when you book select sailings.
  • Past Passenger Discounts: If you have sailed with Cunard before, you may be eligible for exclusive discounts on select voyages.
  • Last Minute Offers: Take advantage of last-minute offers and save on select voyages.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the Mediterranean, discovering the vibrant cultures of South America, or embarking on a world cruise, the Queen Elizabeth offers a range of destinations that cater to your interests. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Europe: Experience the fascinating history, art, and culture of Europe’s diverse regions, from the sun-drenched Mediterranean to the rugged British Isles.
  • Asia and the Pacific: Embark on an exotic voyage that takes you to some of the world’s most exciting destinations, including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Americas: Discover the warmth and charm of South America, the Caribbean, and the United States, and explore the rich history and natural beauty of these regions.
  • World Voyages: Set sail on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that takes you to multiple continents, allowing you to discover the world’s wonders and cultures.

In addition to the destinations, the Queen Elizabeth offers a wide variety of onboard amenities and features that cater to all tastes and preferences. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The Royal Court Theatre: Enjoy world-class entertainment in the stunning Royal Court Theatre, which features West End-style productions and guest performers.
  • The Queen’s Room: Dance the night away in the elegant Queen’s Room, which offers live music and a spacious dance floor.
  • The Cunard Spa: Relax and rejuvenate in the luxurious Cunard Spa, which offers a variety of treatments and services.
  • The Britannia Club Restaurant: Indulge in exquisite dining in the Britannia Club Restaurant, which offers a range of delicious dishes and impeccable service.

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Queen Elizabeth Itinerary World Cruises 2024 – QE 2024

January 5-12 2024Q4027Melbourne to Melbourne
January 12-15 2024Q4033Melbourne to Sydney
January 15-22 2024Q4047Sydney to Sydney
January 15 February 1 2024Q404A17Sydney to Sydney
January 22 February 1 2024Q40510Sydney to Sydney
January 22 February 13 2024Q405A22Sydney to Sydney
February 1-13 2024Q40612Sydney to Sydney
February 1-20 2024Q406A19Sydney to Sydney
February 13-20 2024Q4077Sydney to Sydney
February 13 March 5 2024Q407A21Sydney to Sydney
February 20 March 5 2024Q40814Sydney to Sydney
February 20 March 10 2024Q408A19Sydney to Sydney
March 5-7 2024Q4092Sydney to Melbourne
March 5-10 2024Q409A5Sydney to Sydney
March 7-10 2024Q4103Melbourne to Sydney
March 7-28 2024Q410A21Melbourne to Tokyo
March 7 April 7 2024Q410B31Melbourne to Tokyo
March 10-28 2024Q41118Sydney to Tokyo
March 10 April 7 2024Q411A28Sydney to Tokyo
March 28 April 7 2024Q41210Tokyo to Tokyo
March 28 April 16 2024Q412B19Tokyo to Tokyo
April 7-16 2024Q4139Tokyo to Tokyo
April 7-26 2024Q413B19Tokyo to Tokyo
April 16-26 2024Q41410Tokyo to Tokyo
April 26 May 5 2024Q4159Tokyo to Tokyo
May 5-14 2024Q4169Tokyo to Tokyo
May 5-24 2024Q416B19Tokyo to Tokyo
May 14-24 2024Q41710Tokyo to Tokyo

Queen Elizabeth Itinerary World Cruises 2023 – QE 2023

January 5-7 2023Q3022Melbourne to Sydney
January 7-20 2023Q30313Sydney to Sydney
January 7-28 2023Q303A21Sydney to Sydney
January 20-28 2023Q3048Sydney to Sydney
January 28 February 2 2023Q3055Sydney to Sydney
February 2-4 2023Q3062Sydney to Melbourne
February 4-11 2023Q3077Melbourne to Melbourne
February 11-14 2023Q3083Melbourne to Melbourne
February 14-27 2023Q30913Melbourne to Melbourne
February 14-22 2023Q309A8Melbourne to Auckland
February 14 March 17 2023Q309B31Melbourne to Singapore
February 22-27 2023Q309C5Auckland to Melbourne
February 22 March 17 2023Q309D23Auckland to Singapore
February 27 March 7 2023Q3108Melbourne to Perth
February 27 March 1 2023Q310A2Melbourne to Adelaide
February 27 March 17 2023Q310B18Melbourne to Singapore
March 1-7 2023Q310C6Adelaide to Perth
March 1-17 2023Q310D16Adelaide to Singapore
March 7-17 2023Q31110Perth to Singapore
April 3-19 2023Q313C16Singapore to Tokyo
April 3-28 2023Q313D25Singapore to Tokyo
April 3-9 2023Q313N6Singapore to Hong Kong
April 9-19 2023Q31410Hong Kong to Tokyo
April 9-28 2023Q314A19Hong Kong to Tokyo
April 19-28 2023Q3159Tokyo to Tokyo
April 28 May 6 2023Q3168Tokyo to Tokyo
May 6-15 2023Q3179Tokyo to Tokyo
May 6-24 2023Q317A18Tokyo to Tokyo
May 15-24 2023Q3189Tokyo to Tokyo
May 15 June 8 2023Q318A25Yokohama to Vancouver
May 15 June 20 2023Q318B37Yokohama to Vancouver
May 24 June 8 2023Q31916Yokohama to Vancouver
May 24 June 20 2023Q319A28Yokohama to Vancouver
June 8-20 2023Q32012Vancouver to Vancouver
June 20-30 2023Q32110Vancouver to Vancouver
June 30 July 7 2023Q3227Vancouver to Vancouver
July 7-17 2023Q32310Vancouver to Vancouver
July 17-27 2023Q32410Vancouver to Vancouver
July 27 August 7 2023Q32511Vancouver to Vancouver
August 7-17 2023Q32610Vancouver to Vancouver
August 7-20 2023Q326B13Vancouver to San Francisco
August 7-22 2023Q326C15Vancouver to Los Angeles
August 7 September 5 2023Q326D29Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale
August 7 September 18 2023Q326E42Vancouver to Barcelona
August 17-20 2023Q3273Vancouver to San Francisco
August 17-22 2023Q327A5Vancouver to Los Angeles
August 17 September 5 2023Q327B19Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale
August 17 September 18 2023Q327C32Vancouver to Barcelona
August 17 September 25 2023Q327D39Vancouver to Barcelona
August 20 September 5 2023Q32816San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale
August 20 September 18 2023Q328B29San Francisco to Barcelona
August 20 September 25 2023Q328C36San Francisco to Barcelona
August 22 September 5 2023Q328D14Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale
August 22 September 18 2023Q328E27Los Angeles to Barcelona
August 22 September 25 2023Q328F34Los Angeles to Barcelona
September 5-18 2023Q32913Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
September 5-25 2023Q329A20Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
September 5 October 2 2023Q329B27Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
September 18 October 2 2023Q33014Barcelona to Barcelona
September 18-25 2023Q330A7Barcelona to Barcelona
September 25 October 2 2023Q330B7Barcelona to Barcelona
September 25 October 9 2023Q330C14Barcelona to Barcelona
October 2-16 2023Q33114Barcelona to Barcelona
October 2-9 2023Q331A7Barcelona to Barcelona
October 9-16 2023Q331B7Barcelona to Barcelona
October 9-23 2023Q331C14Barcelona to Barcelona
October 16-30 2023Q33214Barcelona to Barcelona
October 16-23 2023Q332A7Barcelona to Barcelona
October 23 November 19 2023Q332C27Barcelona to Singapore
October 23 November 27 2023Q332D35Barcelona to Perth
October 23 December 3 2023Q332E41Barcelona to Melbourne
October 30 November 19 2023Q33320Barcelona to Singapore
October 30 November 27 2023Q333A28Barcelona to Perth
October 30 December 3 2023Q333B34Barcelona to Melbourne
November 19 December 3 2023Q33414Singapore to Melbourne
November 19-27 2023Q334A8Singapore to Fremantle
November 19 December 17 2023Q334B28Singapore to Melbourne
November 27 December 3 2023Q334C6Fremantle to Melbourne
December 3-17 2023Q33514Melbourne to Melbourne
December 17-22 2023Q3365Melbourne to Melbourne
December 17 2023 January 5 2024Q336A19Melbourne to Melbourne
December 22 2023 January 5 2024Q40114Melbourne to Melbourne
December 22 2023 January 12 2024Q401A21Melbourne to Melbourne

Queen Elizabeth Itinerary World Cruises 2022 – QE 2022

January 6-18 2022Q202N12Southampton to Southampton
January 18-30 2022Q203N12Southampton to Southampton
January 30 February 13 2022Q204N14Southampton to Southampton
February 13-20 2022Q205N7Southampton to Southampton
February 20 March 6 2022Q206N14Southampton to Southampton
March 6-18 2022Q207N12Southampton to Southampton
March 18-30 2022Q208N12Southampton to Southampton
March 30 April 3 2022Q209P4Southampton to Southampton
April 3-15 2022Q210Q12Southampton to Southampton
April 15 May 2 2022Q211P17Southampton to Southampton
May 2 June 1 2022Q212E30Southampton to San Francisco
May 2 June 4 2022Q212F33Southampton to Vancouver
May 2 June 14 2022Q212G43Southampton to Vancouver
May 2-14 2022Q212N12Southampton to Fort Lauderdale
May 14-30 2022Q213B16Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles
May 14 June 4 2022Q213C21Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver
May 14 June 1 2022Q213N18Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco
May 30 June 4 2022Q213E5Los Angeles to Vancouver
May 30 June 14 2022Q213F15Los Angeles to Vancouver
June 1-14 2022Q214D13San Francisco to Vancouver
June 1-4 2022Q214N3San Francisco to Vancouver
June 4-14 2022Q218N10Vancouver to Vancouver
June 14-24 2022Q21910Vancouver to Vancouver
June 24 July 1 2022Q2207Vancouver to Vancouver
July 1-11 2022Q22110Vancouver to Vancouver
July 11-21 2022Q22210Vancouver to Vancouver
July 11-24 2022Q222A13Vancouver to San Francisco
July 11-26 2022Q222B15Vancouver to Los Angeles
July 11 August 9 2022Q222C29Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale
July 11 August 22 2022Q222D42Vancouver to Barcelona
July 21-24 2022Q2233Vancouver to San Francisco
July 21-26 2022Q223A5Vancouver to Los Angeles
July 21 August 9 2022Q223B19Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale
July 21 August 22 2022Q223C32Vancouver to Barcelona
July 21 August 29 2022Q223D39Vancouver to Barcelona
July 24 August 9 2022Q22416San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale
July 24 August 22 2022Q224B29San Francisco to Barcelona
July 24 August 29 2022Q224C36San Francisco to Barcelona
July 26 August 9 2022Q224D14Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale
July 26 August 22 2022Q224E27Los Angeles to Barcelona
July 26 August 29 2022Q224F34Los Angeles to Barcelona
August 9-22 2022Q22513Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
August 9-29 2022Q225A20Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
August 9 September 5 2022Q225B27Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
August 22 September 5 2022Q22614Barcelona to Barcelona
August 22-29 2022Q226A7Barcelona to Barcelona
August 29 September 5 2022Q226B7Barcelona to Barcelona
August 29 September 12 2022Q226C14Barcelona to Barcelona
September 5-19 2022Q22714Barcelona to Barcelona
September 5-12 2022Q227A7Barcelona to Barcelona
September 12-19 2022Q227B7Barcelona to Barcelona
September 12-26 2022Q227C14Barcelona to Barcelona
September 19 October 3 2022Q22814Barcelona to Barcelona
September 19-26 2022Q228A7Barcelona to Barcelona
September 26 October 3 2022Q228B7Barcelona to Barcelona
September 26 October 10 2022Q228C14Barcelona to Barcelona
October 3-10 2022Q2297Barcelona to Barcelona
October 3-30 2022Q229A27Barcelona to Singapore
October 3 November 7 2022Q229B35Barcelona to Perth
October 3 November 15 2022Q229C43Barcelona to Sydney
October 10-30 2022Q23020Barcelona to Singapore
October 10 November 7 2022Q230A28Barcelona to Perth
October 10 November 15 2022Q230B36Barcelona to Sydney
October 30 November 15 2022Q23116Singapore to Sydney
October 30 November 7 2022Q231A8Singapore to Perth
November 7-15 2022Q231B8Perth to Sydney
November 7 December 2 2022Q231C25Perth to Perth
November 15 December 2 2022Q23217Sydney to Perth
November 15 December 13 2022Q232A28Sydney to Sydney
December 2-13 2022Q23311Perth to Sydney
December 13-15 2022Q2342Sydney to Melbourne
December 13 2022 January 7 2023Q234A25Sydney to Sydney
December 15-22 2022Q2357Melbourne to Melbourne
December 15 2022 January 5 2023Q235A21Melbourne to Melbourne
December 22 2022 January 5 2023Q30114Melbourne to Melbourne

Queen Mary 2 Itinerary 2024 World Cruise – QM 2 2024

January 3-11 2024M4028New York to Southampton
January 3 February 1 2024Q402A29New York to Cape Town
January 3 February 17 2024M402B45New York to Fremantle
January 3 February 27 2024M402C55New York to Sydney
January 3 May 5 2024M402D123New York to New York
January 11 February 1 2024M40321Southampton to Cape Town
January 11 February 17 2024M403A37Southampton to Fremantle
January 11 February 27 2024M403B47Southampton to Sydney
January 11 March 14 2024M403C63Southampton to Hong Kong
January 11 April 28 2024M403D108Southampton to Southampton
February 1-17 2024M40416Cape Town to Fremantle
February 1-27 2024M404A26Cape Town to Sydney
February 1 March 14 2024M404B42Cape Town to Hong Kong
February 17-27 2024M40510Fremantle to Sydney
February 17 March 14 2024M405A26Fremantle to Hong Kong
February 17 March 23 2024M405B35Fremantle to Singapore
February 27 March 14 2024M40616Sydney to Hong Kong
February 27 March 23 2024M406A25Sydney to Singapore
February 27 April 7 2024M406B40Sydney to Dubai
February 27 April 28 2024M406C61Sydney to Southampton
February 27 May 5 2024M406D68Sydney to New York
March 14-23 2024M4079Hong Kong to Singapore
March 14 April 7 2024M407A24Hong Kong to Dubai
March 14 April 28 2024M407B45Hong Kong to Southampton
March 14 May 5 2024M407C52Hong Kong to New York
March 23 April 7 2024M40815Singapore to Dubai
March 23 April 28 2024M408A36Singapore to Southampton
April 7-28 2024M40921Dubai to Southampton
April 7 May 5 2024M409A28Dubai to New York
April 28 May 5 2024M4107Southampton to New York

Queen Mary 2 Itinerary 2023 World Cruise – QM 2 2023

January 3-11 2023M3028New York to Southampton
January 3 February 2 2023M302A30New York to Dubai
January 3 April 30 2023M302B117New York to New York
January 11 February 2 2023M30322Southampton to Dubai
January 11 February 14 2023M303A34Southampton to Singapore
January 11 February 23 2023M303B43Southampton to Hong Kong
January 11 March 12 2023M303C60Southampton to Sydney
January 11 April 23 2023M303D102Southampton to Southampton
February 2-14 2023M30412Dubai to Singapore
February 2-23 2023M304A21Dubai to Hong Kong
February 2 March 12 2023M304B38Dubai to Sydney
February 14-23 2023M3059Singapore to Hong Kong
February 14 March 12 2023M305A26Singapore to Sydney
February 14 March 21 2023M305B35Singapore to Perth
February 23 March 12 2023M30617Hong Kong to Sydney
February 23 March 21 2023M306A26Hong Kong to Perth
February 23 April 23 2023M306B59Hong Kong to Southampton
February 23 April 30 2023M306C66Hong Kong to New York
March 12-21 2023M3079Sydney to Perth
March 12 April 7 2023M307A26Sydney to Cape Town
March 12 April 23 2023M307B42Sydney to Southampton
March 12 April 30 2023M307C49Sydney to New York
March 21 April 7 2023M30817Perth to Cape Town
March 21 April 23 2023M308A33Perth to Southampton
March 21 April 30 2023M308B40Perth to New York
April 7-23 2023M30916Cape Town to Southampton
April 7-30 2023M309A23Cape Town to New York
April 23-30 2023M3107Southampton to New York
April 23 May 7 2023M310A14Southampton to Southampton
April 30 May 9 2023M3119New York to Hamburg
April 30 May 7 2023M311A7New York to Southampton
April 30 May 26 2023M311B26New York to New York
May 7-9 2023M311C2Southampton to Hamburg
May 7-18 2023M311D11Southampton to Southampton
May 9-16 2023M3127Hamburg to Hamburg
May 16-26 2023M31310Hamburg to New York
May 16-18 2023M313A2Hamburg to Southampton
May 18-26 2023M313D8Southampton to New York
May 18 June 2 2023M313E15Southampton to Southampton
May 19-26 2023M313F7Le Havre to New York
May 26 June 2 2023M3147New York to Southampton
May 26 June 30 2023M314A35New York to New York
June 2-9 2023M3157Southampton to Southampton
June 9-23 2023M31614Southampton to Southampton
June 9-17 2023M316A8Southampton to Rome
June 17-23 2023M316B6Rome to Southampton
June 17-30 2023M316C13Rome to New York
June 23-30 2023M3177Southampton to New York
June 23 July 7 2023M317A14Southampton to New York
June 23 July 14 2023M317B21Southampton to Southampton
June 30 July 7 2023M3187New York to New York
June 30 July 14 2023M318A14New York to Southampton
July 7-14 2023M3197New York to Southampton
July 7-21 2023M319A14New York to New York
July 14-21 2023M3207Southampton to New York
July 14-28 2023M320A14Southampton to Southampton
July 21-28 2023M3217New York to Southampton
July 21 August 18 2023M321A28New York to New York
July 21 August 4 2023M321B14New York to Rome
July 28 August 11 2023M32214Southampton to Southampton
July 28 August 4 2023M322A7Southampton to Rome
August 4-11 2023M322B7Rome to Southampton
August 4-18 2023M322C14Rome to New York
August 11-18 2023M3237Southampton to New York
August 11-25 2023M323A14Southampton to Southampton
August 18-25 2023M3247New York to Southampton
August 18 September 11 2023M324A24New York to New York
August 25 September 1 2023M3257Southampton to Southampton
September 1-4 2023M3263Southampton to Southampton
September 4-11 2023M3277Southampton to New York
September 4-18 2023M327A14Southampton to Southampton
September 11-20 2023M3289New York to Hamburg
September 11-18 2023M328A7New York to Southampton
September 11-29 2023M328B18New York to New York
September 18-20 2023M328C2New York to New York
September 18-22 2023M328D4Southampton to Southampton
September 20-29 2023M3299Hamburg to New York
September 20-22 2023M329A2Hamburg to Southampton
September 20 October 6 2023M329B16Hamburg to Quebec
September 20 October 13 2023M329C23Hamburg to New York
September 20 October 22 2023M329D32Hamburg to Hamburg
September 22-29 2023M329E7Southampton to New York
September 22 October 6 2023M329F14Southampton to Quebec
September 22 October 13 2023M329G21Southampton to New York
September 22 October 20 2023M329H28Southampton to Southampton
September 29 October 6 2023M3307New York to Quebec
September 29 October 13 2023M330A14New York to New York
September 29 October 20 2023M330B21New York to Southampton
September 29 October 22 2023M330C23New York to Hamburg
October 6-13 2023M3317Quebec to New York
October 6-20 2023M331A14Quebec to Southampton
October 6-22 2023M331B16Quebec to Hamburg
October 13-22 2023M3329New York to Hamburg
October 13-20 2023M332A7New York to Southampton
October 20-22 2023M332B2Southampton to Hamburg
October 22 November 16 2023M33325Hamburg to Southampton
November 16-19 2023M3343Southampton to Southampton
November 19-26 2023M3357Southampton to New York
November 19 December 8 2023M335A19Southampton to New York
November 19 December 15 2023M335B26Southampton to Southampton
November 26 December 8 2023M33612New York to New York
November 26 December 15 2023M336A19New York to Southampton
December 8-15 2023M3377New York to Southampton
December 8-22 2023M337A14New York to New York
December 15-22 2023M3387Southampton to New York
December 15 2023 January 3 2024M338A19Southampton to New York
December 15 2023 January 11 2024M338B27Southampton to Southampton
December 22 2023 January 3 2024M40112New York to New York
December 22 2023 January 11 2024M401A20New York to Southampton

Queen Mary 2 Itinerary 2022 World Cruise – QM 2 2022

January 3-10 2022M2027New York to Southampton
January 3-12 2022M202G9New York to Hamburg
January 10-12 2022M203J2Southampton to Hamburg
January 10-14 2022M203P4Southampton to Southampton
January 12-14 2022M203K2Hamburg to Southampton
January 12 February 13 2022M203L32Hamburg to Hamburg
January 14 February 11 2022M204P28Southampton to Southampton
February 11-13 2022M205F2Southampton to Hamburg
February 11-15 2022M205P4Southampton to Southampton
February 13-15 2022M205G2Hamburg to Southampton
February 13-22 2022M205H9Hamburg to New York
February 13 March 17 2022M205I32Hamburg to Hamburg
February 15-22 2022M206H7Southampton to New York
February 15 March 15 2022M206P28Southampton to Southampton
February 22 March 8 2022M206I14New York to New York
March 8-15 2022M206J7New York to Southampton
March 8-17 2022M206K9New York to Hamburg
March 8-27 2022M206L19New York to New York
March 15-17 2022M207K2Southampton to Hamburg
March 15-20 2022M207P5Southampton to Southampton
March 17-20 2022M207L3Hamburg to Southampton
March 17-27 2022M207M10Hamburg to New York
March 20-27 2022M209B7Southampton to New York
March 20-30 2022M209C10Southampton to Fort Lauderdale
March 20 April 24 2022M209P35Southampton to Southampton
March 27 April 17 2022M209F21New York to New York
March 30 April 14 2022M209H15Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale
April 14-24 2022M209J10Fort Lauderdale to Southampton
April 17-24 2022M209K7New York to Southampton
April 17 May 1 2022M209L14New York to New York
April 24 May 1 2022M2107Southampton to New York
April 24 May 8 2022M210A14Southampton to Southampton
May 1-8 2022M2117New York to Southampton
May 1-15 2022M211A14New York to New York
May 8-15 2022M2127Southampton to New York
May 8-22 2022M212A14Southampton to Southampton
May 15-22 2022M2137New York to Southampton
May 15 June 5 2022M213A21New York to New York
May 22-29 2022M2147Southampton to Southampton
May 29 June 5 2022M2157Southampton to New York
May 29 June 12 2022M215A14Southampton to Southampton
June 5-14 2022M2169New York to Hamburg
June 5-12 2022M216A7New York to Southampton
June 5 July 1 2022M216B26New York to New York
June 12-14 2022M216C2Southampton to Hamburg
June 14-22 2022M2178Hamburg to Hamburg
June 22 July 1 2022M2189Hamburg to New York
June 22-24 2022M218A2Hamburg to Southampton
June 22 July 8 2022M218B16Hamburg to New York
June 22 July 15 2022M218C23Hamburg to Southampton
June 24 July 1 2022M218D7Southampton to New York
June 24 July 8 2022M218E14Southampton to New York
June 24 July 15 2022M218F21Southampton to Southampton
July 1-8 2022M2197New York to New York
July 1-15 2022M219A14New York to Southampton
July 8-15 2022M2207New York to Southampton
July 8 August 5 2022M220A28New York to New York
July 15-29 2022M22114Southampton to Southampton
July 15-23 2022M221A8Southampton to Civitavecchia
July 23-29 2022M221B6Civitavecchia to Southampton
July 29 August 5 2022M2227Southampton to New York
July 29 August 12 2022M222A14Southampton to Southampton
August 5-14 2022M2239New York to Hamburg
August 5-12 2022M223A7New York to Southampton
August 5-28 2022M223B23New York to New York
August 12-14 2022M223C2Southampton to Hamburg
August 12-21 2022M223D9Southampton to Southampton
August 14-19 2022M2245Hamburg to Hamburg
August 19-28 2022M2259Hamburg to New York
August 19-21 2022M225A2Hamburg to Southampton
August 21-28 2022M225B7Southampton to New York
August 21 September 4 2022M225C14Southampton to Southampton
August 28 September 4 2022M2267New York to Southampton
August 28 September 23 2022M226A26New York to New York
September 4-11 2022M2277Southampton to Southampton
September 11-15 2022M2284Southampton to Southampton
September 15-23 2022M2298Southampton to New York
September 15-30 2022M229B15Southampton to Quebec
September 15 October 7 2022M229C22Southampton to New York
September 15 October 14 2022M229D29Southampton to Southampton
September 15 October 16 2022M229E31Southampton to Hamburg
September 16-23 2022M229F7Le Havre to New York
September 23-30 2022M2307New York to Quebec
September 23 October 7 2022M230A14New York to New York
September 23 October 14 2022M230B21New York to Southampton
September 23 October 16 2022M230C23New York to Hamburg
September 30 October 7 2022M2317Quebec to New York
September 30 October 14 2022M231A14Quebec to Southampton
September 30 October 16 2022M231B16Quebec to Hamburg
October 7-16 2022M2329New York to Hamburg
October 7-14 2022M232A7New York to Southampton
October 7-25 2022M232B18New York to New York
October 14-16 2022M232C2Southampton to Hamburg
October 14-18 2022M232D4Southampton to Southampton
October 16-25 2022M2339Hamburg to New York
October 16-18 2022M233A2Hamburg to Southampton
October 18-25 2022M233B7Southampton to New York
October 18 November 1 2022M233C14Southampton to Southampton
October 25 November 1 2022M2347New York to Southampton
October 25 November 20 2022M234A26New York New York
November 1-13 2022M23512Southampton to Southampton
November 13-20 2022M2367Southampton to New York
November 13 December 3 2022M236A20Southampton to New York
November 13 December 10 2022M236B27Southampton to Southampton
November 20 December 3 2022M23713New York to New York
November 20 December 10 2022M237A20New York to Southampton
December 3-10 2022M2387New York to Southampton
December 3-22 2022M238A19New York to New York
December 10-15 2022M2395Southampton to Southampton
December 15-22 2022M2407Southampton to New York
December 15 2022 January 3 2023M240A19Southampton to New York
December 15 2022 January 11 2023M240B27Southampton to Southampton
December 22 2022 January 3 2023M30112New York to New York
December 22 2022 January 11 2023M301A20New York to Southampton